Our study of the book of Daniel shifts in May from a study of historical events with a few visions thrown in (Daniel chapters 1-6) to a study of Daniel’s dreams and visions sent by God with a few historical events thrown in. On Monday, June 3rd we will study Daniel chapter seven with its crucial prophecy about Jesus, which also gave Jesus his favorite title for himself, “the Son of Man.” Our next study on Monday, June 17th will be about “God’s Kingdom and World Kingdoms.” There is so much unrest among the nations of the world today that we can draw great comfort from studying how God is always in control of history and has the last word in the affairs of the nations. We will also discuss if we want to keep having brunch with our Bible study, and if we don’t, the new name for our study. Be a part of the lively discussion at Bethany Meadows on the first and third Mondays of the month when we meet at Bethany Meadows at 9 am.