MOB Studies “Best Sermon Ever!” and Healing Miracles

Someone once said that the secret to a good sermon is a great introduction and a strong conclusion, and to have them as close together as possible. With that advice in mind, the Men of Brandon will look at the famous Pentecost Sermon Peter preached in Acts chapter two and see why it is one of the best and most successful sermons ever. We will also ask the question, “Did I really crucify Jesus if I wasn’t there and didn’t consent to it?” Our last studies of the month will explore if it is really true that “no good deed goes unpunished”, as we learn about how healing a well-known crippled man got Peter and John in hot water and earned them a trip to prison. We will also learn how the devil’s schemes often backfire on him as we will see when we study “Before the Sanhedrin.” Men, the book of Acts is a treat to study, since it is so fast moving and easy to read, with hard hitting messages, so do yourself a favor and join the MOB on Wednesday mornings!