Breakfast Bible Study Visits “The Fiery Furnace” and “Madness” 

 “Pride goes before a fall” as the saying goes, and this is very evident in the next two chapters of the book of Daniel that we will study in April. On Monday April 8th we will study a favorite from our Sunday School days, the story of the three men in the fiery furnace as related in Daniel chapter three. This story teaches us how little King Nebuchadnezzar learned from God and how God had to take him down a peg for his own good by preserving the life of the three men in an amazing way, without a hair singed in the furnace. On Monday April 15th we will learn more about this pagan king’s arrogance and how Daniel had to interpret another dream for him about a tree. This dream predicted the king’s descent into madness, and how God mercifully restored him. We learn from this how all opposition to God is ultimately madness. Please join us at Bethany Meadows in the comfortable Pheasant Dining Room on these dates at 9am as we continue our tradition of sharing breakfast before sharing Biblical insights and prayer concerns. 

Please join us every other Monday at Bethany Meadow. Contact Pastor Daniel Deardoff for more information.